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The Basics 13 October 2017
Crippling writer’s block hit me like a heavy duty tenderising mallet this morning. So, as one does, I phoned a chef friend and asked what he found challenging and frustrating in his kitchen. Without a breath, he commented “Hickmore, many newly graduated chefs have no idea of the basics,&... read more
They live amongst us, red faces contorted in anger contrasting against the white of a chefs uniform. Bad tempers and short fuses seem to be part of the territory, almost an acceptable quirk for a chef.Why do we tolerate swearing and histrionic shouting in the kitchen? Is it that the industry attract... read more
Many of my compatriots in the hotel industry are getting, let’s say, rather long in the tooth. “If you remember the 1960’s, you weren’t there, man” they whisper. But, a quick look at one’s birth certificate and a peek in the mirror reminds us that we were, most ce... read more
Chef As Superhero 10 May 2017
“In the endless reaches of the Grand Hotel, there once existed a kitchen that burned brightly like a baked Alaska from a degustation menu. There, civilisation was far advanced and it brought forth a race of ‘Superchefs’ whose mental and physical powers were developed to the absolut... read more
CV Bloopers 10 May 2017
Sometimes my day can be a little hectic reading through the hundreds of CV’s we receive from Hospitality Professionals. Most resumes we get are well thought out and professionally presented. But, occasionally we come across some gems that are destined for our “CV Bloopers” file. Th... read more
I had the privilege of attending the 2016 IKA Culinary Olympics in the beautiful and picturesque town of Erfurt in Germany. Erfurt is the regional capital of Thuringia and its old town is one of the most intact medieval cities in Germany, having survived World War II with very little damage. A fabul... read more
How to Fire Your Boss 24 February 2016
You have been given an offer you can’t refuse by a company you’ve been longing to work for. Once you have told your spouse, family and pals you need to tackle the boss.So what do you do? Naturally you’re nervous. How is he going to react? Will bridges be burnt?Here are some steps t... read more
Is FoodPorn Good Publicity? 22 February 2016
It’s an epidemic! Badly taken photos of restaurant food emblazoned across the interweb. Restaurant Guests, heads down, more engaged with their photography than their fellow diners. Frantically snapping away with their smart phones from starter to dessert. Instagram, Facebook, twitter gobbling ... read more
Is Talent Not Enough? 20 August 2015
When you watch a great musician or dancer on stage and you delight in their shear artistic genius, do you ever wonder if they passed their matric? As you are inspired by the music and the visual spectacle do you care if the artist passed Physics or Afrikaans second language?You don’t give a co... read more
Show Me the Money 19 August 2015
I am sure that you had the same career advice as me. Some jaded teacher at high school stared at you over his battered spectacles didn’t he?  Then he dropped the bombshell, if you choose a career as a chef, it was akin to a life of slavery and servitude.  Then, armed with this sage a... read more
SA Service, Please! 18 August 2015
South Africans are a self-critical bunch. We have a lot to say about how poor our customer service is and imagine that there is this unattainable service level somewhere in Australia, Europe or the States.Whilst we grumble and moan, just about every visitor to our beautiful country wishes they could... read more
New Labour Laws 18 August 2015
The labour legislation landscape has been in the spotlight with respect to pending changes to our current labour laws. This is in the form of amendments to a number of acts:• The Basic Conditions of Employment Act,• The Labour Relations Act,• The Employment Equity Act, and;• The ... read more