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HSC – The Hospitality Solutions Company is the largest supplier of full-service solutions to the hospitality industry in Gauteng and are famous for the quality of their people. Our commitment to continual training and development make each HSC team member stand out. They will make a difference to your business.

HSC started serving the industry in 2004 with a small team and now employs over 3,000 people of all skill levels. HSC are known for the effectiveness of their Chefs, Waiters, Bar staff, Supervisors, Butlers and RockStars! Helping our partners achieve their goals, saving costs and raising standards. Talk to us about our full-service solutions as well as our excellent teams of ad hoc staff. 

HSC Rockstars are the cream of the crop and have been specially trained in all aspects of Butler service. Our clients rave about them.

HSC are proud of it’s partnerships with 5 star hotels, top South African Corporates, Event Companies, Casinos, Restaurants and anything hospitality.

About Us

HSC is a company “for hoteliers, by hoteliers” We employ managers who have experience in Events, Food and Beverage, Commercial catering and culinary. The HSC management team understand the pressures of a hospitality business and are well equipped to provide solutions to help maximise service and profit.

Training and development at HSC is a non-negotiable. HSC has it’s own in house trainers and partners with industry specific experts and institutions for additional training. There are many success stories where individuals are reaching their full potential at HSC.

HSC has a strong disciplined approach with excellent systems and controls. Anyone working with HSC will comment on a highly professional yet caring approach to business.

HSC considers it’s team of staff to be the core of their value offering, without them HSC would not be a business.


HSC provide services to all departments in a Food and Beverage operation as well as front of house. HSC stay up to date with the latest trends and train and mentor teams accordingly. We strive to truly personalise our service to fit the ambiance, style and ambitions of our clients. There is no “one size fits all” at HSC. We tailor make our services and provide solutions that will increase the effectiveness of your business.

HSC full service solutions include:

  • Full training for our teams
  • On site, Human Resources and Operational Management of staff
  • Full Industrial relations services up to CCMA
  • Effective Rostering and cost saving initiatives
  • Staff replacement and recruitment
  • Full Payroll service with infoslips
  • Benefits package : funeral plan, loyalty bucks, discounts on product etc
  • Admin of tips and bonuses
  • Advanced staff communication tools
  • Automated Time and Attendance solutions
  • Transport of staff
  • Ad hoc and flexible staffing

Here are some areas we can supply teams

Butlers, Chefs of all levels, Cleaners and scullers, Receptionists, Cashiers, Managers and Supervisors, RockStars, Barstaff, Hosts and Hostesses, maintenance teams, spa therapists, waiters, sommeliers and more … 

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The Basics

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